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Therapeutic Custom Massage

This is the most popular treatment session we offer. Our highly trained staff of massage therapists will integrate techniques of Swedish massage, deep tissue, Myofascial Release, and Reiki to provide you with a custom massage that suits your individual goals.
30/60/90 minutes $50/$65/$85

Raindrop Therapy

Nine different Young Living Essential Oils are dropped like rain along the spine and massaged in to reduce muscle spasm, fatigue, and tension. This soothing and gentle massage finishes with moist heat and is deeply relaxing.
60/90/120 minutes $75/$90/$110

La Stone Therapy

This unique approach of using hot and cool stones is all about balance and self awareness. Heated smooth basalt stones and cool sardonyx assist the therapist in providing a deep nurturing massage that will bring you back to the essence of the earth.
90 minutes $95

Integrative Reflexology

The treatment begins with a soothing foot scrub which is specially formulated for each client using a combination of essential oils and salt. Pressure points on the feet, hands, and ears are massaged to affect every system of the body. Bring the feet to life and the body will follow.
one hour reflexology treatment $70/ plus 30 minute massage $110/ plus 60 minute massage $125

Prenatal Massage

We offer a special pregnancy massage table designed for expectant mothers. The center of the table and breast recesses can be removed to make room for the mother's comfort during her pregnancy. This session is essentially a custom therapeutic massage during pregnancy.
30/60 minutes $50/$65

Intern/Student Massage

Students of Universal College of Healing Arts online program finish their massage internship at our clinic. They are required to perform 80 massages before they can become licensed. You will be asked to fill out feedback forms after your massage to complete their education.
30/60 minutes $30/$45

Infant Massage Class

One Saturday each month, Celeste Bartunek offers a class to teach parents of newborn babies how to provide massage for their child. Infant massage has many benefits for baby including increased circulation, digestion elimination and enhancing sleep.Classes are for parents or any family member of newborns ideally between 1week and 4 months of age. Class size is limited, but there is no limit to the number of nurturing adults per baby. You are welcome to bring grandparents or caregivers to this class.
$40 per registration for class/class size is limited please call 308-389-9177 to confirm availability

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